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One does not simply theaten Miu with her own death. (Even if you're a Zodiarts commander.)

Real life make believe

So I never did get to write about Kinkakuji. And in fact, I had forgotten to talk about it until Lincoln Center sent out its season-ending email. I'm no connoisseur of high-brow art and layered expressions of humanity's depths, but I can say I enjoyed the decisions behind the play's production. The logistic creativity and symbolic deconstruction of the stage were deeply impressive to a casual theater beginner like me.

I thought Yamakawa Fuyuki was a great contributor, the almost inhuman sounds coming from him really lent credibility to Mizoguchi's descent to madness. Not that Go-kun didn't do a fantastic job selling his character. I thought he, Daito, and especially Takaoka shone in their roles. Or I could just say I'm a complete fangirl and my unashamed bias cannot separate reality from expectation.

It wasn't bias, I swear. You can't prove otherwise!

The brochure was its own special source of amusement. I like how the director had this challenge to find a "grotesque" but likeable actor. V6: fulfilling your charismatically deformed idol casting needs. lol Plus I found it hilarious that ROOKIES and Tumbling showed up respectively under Takaoka and Daito's brief credentials. Now, those are easily two of my most favorite recent jdramas -- I'm not gonna lie -- but still. That's pretty funny. They didn't even bother with Battle Royale for Takaoka. While that movie certainly holds its own in kitsch value, I'm assuming it's slightly more relevant in the hypothetical pop culture hierarchy.

The stuff of critical acclaim.

Kinkakuji got me thinking about the plays I've seen in the past...Collapse )

Start spreading the news

I've been fairly ambivalent about living in New York. People keep reminding me of the "fact" that I live in the greatest city in the world, but honestly, a few restaurants and musicals, no matter how remarkable, did not instill any misplaced sense of pride.

Tonight, even though I may just have been one voice out of many others, many that have been far louder and more insistent than my own, I still feel this is a victory for me. This is a victory for equality. While I may not always believe in the institution of marriage, I can exercise the right to marry in the state where I live, regardless of the gender of the person I want to marry. While I may not be sexually attracted to women, it is a victory for me to know that I share the right to marry with every single person I see walking down the streets where I live, where I work, where I may get lost after wandering aimlessly.

I can't sleep because I can't stop tearing up. I think about the Empire State Building - the very same, unremarkable building I used to pass by everyday when I used to work at my very first job in New York. It's now lit up in a tacky representation of a rainbow, and I cannot look at it without brimming with overemotional pride.

I can't decide if I'm more appreciative of Gov. Cuomo, Sen. Saland, or Sen. Grisanti. While I do not agree with Sen. Grisanti that his decision to vote in favor of marriage equality must be removed from his Christian values, I truly admire how much thought he put into his decision and hope everyone would put as much consideration in weighing in on all facets of an issue.

"Tonight, I joined my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to legalize same sex marriage in New York State. Since I began my term as Senator I have met with many people on both sides of this issue, read numerous documents and independent studies. Given the high stakes, I felt I owed it to everyone to make a well-informed decision. I have come to believe that all New Yorkers should be entitled to the same 1324 rights that come with a civil marriage. As an attorney I analyzed the legislation and concluded that the amendments provide critical exemptions for religious institutions. Passage of this bill now rather than later ensures that these protections be included. I cannot deny anyone in my district and across New York the same rights I have with my wife." - Senator Mark Grisanti

Eat. Pack. Love.

I've spent the entire August like a boxer trying to go up five weight classes. I have been seriously pigging out non-stop, and it's certainly not going to get any better when I go on vacation for the whole month of September.

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It turns out giving myself 2 weekends to pack was a stroke of rare genius on my part. I'm done with Phase 1. Which, incidentally, includes spending all of Saturday playing Minesweeper.

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Pimpin' for dummies

Welcome to my fandom: five guys bound by the wrist with a red string interloping and connecting all five of them. No, it isn't BL porn authored by Watase Yuu.

Because VVV6 and Gakkou e Ikou? Back in the day, 'twas really awesome. It's no accident that I'm not overly fond of Kumagusu or even the current VVV6 format. And anyway, I just recently learned how to screencap with KMPlayer.

In this VVV6 episode, V5 are tied up and tangled in one long piece of rope, and must escape using a certain permutation of wit and serendipity. All the while, Inocchi commentates, because there's nothing more humiliating than getting your IQ insulted by Inohara freaking Yoshihiko.

We got what you want--if what you want is fail tied up in a pretty bondage ribbonCollapse )

Anthropological breakthrough

OK is a man sideways.

(But only with certain fonts.)